Document Management is now Simplified


Document Management is now Simplified by AvenDATA
AvenDATA’s ViewBox provides documentation functionality (Documentation Library). This functionality enables our clients to securely manage and share their documents within the organization based on rights, system, language, and permission.
The users with Admin rights can upload different types of documents, like zip, doc, jpeg, pdf, CSV, etc. Admin can also restrict the visibility of the documents based on the selected permissions. The standard users will not be able to upload the documents but can preview or download the shared documents.
ViewBox stores the documents in folders and sub-folders to access and organize the documents in a logical way. The standard users can preview and download the uploaded files. The documentation dashboard helps the client to perform file searches effectively. This is due to the tree structure arrangement. The documents are arranged in a collapsible way so, it is easier to access and manage these documents.
The documentation library allows sharing of documents with the admins. However, the standard users require permissions for sharing documents. Features like search, pagination, and nested folder structure make the document filtering process easy to use with the relevance appreciated by the client.
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Moreover, the files are managed based on languages. There is a provision to bulk upload the documents for easy uploading of documents. An Admin can upload around ten documents at a given time. The only restriction is on the file size. The file size for each document should be less than or equal to 100 MB.
A review option is also available, but only for PDF files. The users can preview all the PDF files in the ViewBox itself. The download option is available for all the other documents. Admin users can also remove the document at any time. To do so, they must go to the documentation dashboard and authenticate themselves. After the verification, the admin users can delete the uploaded files and can also upload the new files from the dashboard.
On the dashboard, an Admin can also view the details of the files, like permission type, language, upload date, time, rights, etc. The standard users will not be able to see the documentation functionality if no document is shared with them. In such a case, the document section will not be visible. However, the documentation function will always be visible and accessible to the admins.
To give a brief about the tree structure documentation, there is a two-level hierarchy system. On the first level, there will be folders, and on the second level, there will be sub-folders. While uploading the documents, the users will have to create a new folder or choose from the existing folder. Then, the user can select from the existing sub-folder of the selected folder. This can be done only if the sub-folders are available. The user needs to create new subfolders.
After selecting or creating folders and subfolders, the admin can select the permissions, rights, and files. The users can upload ten files at a time. After selecting the files, the documents get stored and based on the permission; rights will be visible to all the other users.
The standard users will only have the rights of viewing and downloading the uploaded files and that too if the files are shared with the specific user. Apart from that, there is no provision wherein the standard users can access any other functionality of the documentation library.

ViewBox is not just a document management tool or Data Retention Tool; it’s a strategic ally for businesses navigating the intricacies of legacy systems, system decommissioning, and carve-out processes. Our innovative approach transforms document management into a catalyst for efficiency, security, and adaptability, making it an indispensable partner for organizations forging a path towards a more agile and future-ready future.

AvenDATA emerges as the guiding force for businesses seeking transformation. As document management becomes synonymous with simplicity, AvenDATA’s expertise stands as a beacon, illuminating the path towards a future where legacy systems are seamlessly navigated, and application decommissioning is a strategic step towards efficiency and innovation. With AvenDATA as your partner, document management is not just simplified—it becomes a catalyst for a more agile and future-ready organization.