Data Retention Tool - Data Protection at its Best

By Avendata | March 21, 2022

Data Retention Tool- Viewbox
The ViewBox provides the functionality of a Data Retention Tool, also known as DART. The Data Retention Tool enables the users to meet the legal requirements related to data retention and data transfer for tax auditing.

This tool further helps the users to archive data and export it as per the requirements, for example, year-wise or fiscal-wise data. The main purpose of the Data Retention Tool is to retain the relevant financial and tax related data from a productive system. This is done to ensure that the relevant data is available to the auditors and customers. To make the data easily accessible, DART creates a special table at the backend with internal mappings of the existing data.

This tool also has a functionality to apply filters on the archived data. It is a very useful functionality in case the data size is large, and the user requires only selective data from the SAP system. Moreover, the tool has multiple filters. For example, the clients can have the data in a sorted manner. Sorting can be based on Client ID, or Company Code or Fiscal Year wise data. The filters can also be combined. You can have a filter with all the three fields i.e., Client ID, Company Code and Fiscal Year. In this way, a large amount of unrequired data can be avoided.

The user can use the Data Retention Tool to extract or export data in any required format like csv and text. It can store the relevant data for tax auditing at regular intervals from the SAP system. While exporting the DART formatted data, the user can export data as per the selection. If the client requires the complete data, then the client can select it else the client also has the option to export data as per the requirement. For example, requirement may be for the fiscal year.

ViewBox also provides the functionality of exporting data to a zip file to be saved for later use. The client can even download the zip file to extract the data into csv or text format. Data Retention Tool is a powerful functionality, which helps the clients to retrieve the records within a shorter time span. The results are also accurate with a specific human readable format. Thus, the Data Retention Tool is an easy yet useful tool for the client. This tool enables the client to archive data and provides options for easy data access. It also facilitates the client with filters to export large amount of data in the specified format, of course with the security of AvenDATA Gmbh.