Save Time with Viewbox


quick retrieval of documents with viewbox archiving software solution
In a company, there can be a situation wherein all the available data as well as documents are required in a View from the archived system.
Generally, the client will have to go through the hectic process of opening different views and downloading the documents, probably one by one. This process will take a large amount of time.
With AvenDATA’s ViewBox, you are enabled with an easier way to download not only the invoice documents but also the Excel sheets containing all the records. These records are related to the required View and are available at a single click. This saves valuable time.
With the ViewBox, you are saved from the hassle of downloading multiple documents. The ViewBox was designed for archiving and maintaining the archived data. It is intended to protect the older data, which might be of use in future. With AvenDATA’s ViewBox, you get a tried and tested, certified software solution for archiving the legacy systems.
Firstly, you must login to the ViewBox and select the view to export the data by selecting the required fields. After opening the view, you will have all the data and the documents related to that view.
Next, you will be able to filter the data and documents date-wise and download all the related documents from the view. Now, with a single click on “Export Data and Document”, the data within the specified date range is available. So, just by one click, you will have all the data and documents related to that view within no time.
A client is free to download the entire data or some part of the data as per the requirements. ViewBox allows you to export the optimized data of the view too. Data will be exported in CSV format. The filter is not only available for date but also for the available columns of the view.
Further, you can single click on “Export Data” if there is a requirement to download the data along with the document. Moreover, this feature is applicable on a role basis, implying that the information gets exported only if you have the rights for the specific role. The documents or the available data in Excel will be downloaded in the zipped archive.
By using AvenDATA’s ViewBox, you can download the data and multiple documents easily with a single click and that too by saving time. So, when you are archiving the data with Avendata’s ViewBox, be relaxed and follow simple steps to export data and multiple documents quickly and securely.

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