Archiving of
legacy systems

We enable you to significantly reduce your IT costs
by efficiently archiving your legacy systems. We also
support you with carve-outs by efficiently isolating
and economically archiving the necessary data.

Experience with
Legacy Systems

Our many years of experience not only cover a broad geographical spectrum, but also include working with a variety of legacy systems. These include legacy ERP systems, core banking systems, bespoke database solutions, in-house developments, mainframe systems, AS400 systems, JD Edwards systems, Peoplesoft, Oracle NetSuite and various other platforms used globally or locally within organisations.
comprehensive experience with legacy systems
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We have successfully completed over 650 archiving projects.
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We have more than 20 years of experience in archiving legacy systems.
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We have a team of 225 experts with expertise in archiving
legacy systems/carve-outs.

Cross-Industry Expertise: Successful Archiving of Systems

Cross-industry expertise: Successfully archiving legacy systems

Our diverse expertise spans a range of industries. Guided by our successes in the pharmaceutical industry, we have archived pioneering systems. Based on our many years of experience working with banks and insurance companies, we have successfully extended our expertise to the automotive and consumer goods industries. In doing so, we have consistently archived numerous systems in a way that enables them to be decommissioned at a later date. You can find a selection of the various industries here.

modern systems

Our broad competences enable us to archive not only traditional legacy systems, but also modern systems. Especially in situations such as business closures and system consolidations and as part of digital transformation processes. This enables us to provide our customers with a seamless transition and secure their valuable data across all technology generations.
Archiving Modern Systems By AvenDATA

with AvenDATA:
fast, secure, efficient

Are you planning to partially sell your company, do you need to transfer company codes or clients to a new buyer or do you simply need to archive them?

Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it! Carve-outs are more than just a project for us – they are an integral part of our comprehensive range of services.

Maximum data security:
the ISO 27001 and PS 880 certifications
pass regular infiltration tests!

Due to the high global demand from our customers, we host our data in a certified data centre. Our customer requests can come from very sensitive sectors, such as the pharmaceutical industry, banking, insurance and the automotive industry. The ISO 27001 certification ensures that all security requirements for hosting are carefully analysed and met. IT security measures are also carefully scrutinised and processes are regularly recertified.

All our security measures are reviewed, documented and evaluated via daily, weekly and monthly checklists. Suitable measures are then taken to maintain or improve security. This ensures that all security standards are continuously adhered to and monitored. Security is also crucial for legacy systems.

ISO 27001 certification