Mergers & Acquisitions

Do you need to archive a system due to a company acquisition?
With our ViewBox archiving solution, you are well prepared and can relax while we archive your data from the legacy system.

ViewBox by AvenDATA offers
an efficient and flexible solution for data archiving in older systems.

With AvenDATA’s ViewBox solution, your company’s past as well as future are secure. The reason for this security lies in the fact that ViewBox fulfills the legal requirements of the new EU data protection act. Moreover, it also offers a standardized base to your company, thereby enabling you to conduct potential mergers and acquisitions in a swift manner.

What happens if you decide for us?

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System Analysis

The first step in the process is the system analysis. This is a crucial step with a purpose of estimating a duration for archiving your legacy system. This step also calculates the cost, which is yet another vital component of decision making and planning. The system analysis outcome is always a fixed offer price. You can either accept or reject this offer. Generally, system analysis takes around 90 minutes. The system analysis is divided into two parts:

Technical Part for Clarification

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access to the system(s) (VPN/Citrix ...)

tick icon

required rights for the system(s)

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coordination of contact person(s) (professional and/or technical)

tick icon

type/size of database (for example, Oracle/721 gigabyte)

tick icon

definition of export memory/shared memory

tick icon

system version/name

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coordination of backup processes

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... and some more

Business Part for Clarification

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discussion/agreement/screen recordings of the required standard reports, for example, balance sheet, trial balance, sales order, etc.

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discussion / agreement / screen recordings of the additional report(s)

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... and some more

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The archiving project

After the successful completion of the system analysis step, you need to decide and start the project with us. Once decided to start the project, there will be a kick-off meeting. In this meeting, your team will get accustomed to our experienced Project Manager. It is important for us to unburden you of your resources while we perform the archiving process.

Points of Discussion during the Kick-off Meeting
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Introduction of all the participants

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Access to the network

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Presentation of the process model

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Coordination of a project plan

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Access to the system

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Coordination of weekly Jour Fixe meetings

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Access to the database

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More points as per the requirement(s)

The project starts after the kick-off meeting. Out expert support team can also assist you in case you are stuck at some point during the project.

The following milestones are a part of the project realisation.

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Access to the system

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Setting up the web address or VPN access

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Data export protocol/hash values

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User(s) training

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Data transfer

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Documentation of the entire project

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Data import

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Coordination with accountants/auditors

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Creation of the test data

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Creation of the commissioned views/extraction and import of document files such as pdf invoices, delivery notes, etc.

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More points as per the requirement(s)

  • Each milestone ensures its own quality assurance process.
  • The project lasts for a duration of 3-6 months as the duration depends on the complexity of the situation.
  • You can be rest assured as our respective teams will also provide accounts/audits related support.
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User Acceptance Test - Project Handover

Your acceptance assures the last step of this process. Post-acceptance, you will be testing the samples, checking the certificate of completeness and verifying documentation. Moreover, we will also provide our project samples for your perusal. Thus, you will have an extensive test data.

If everything progresses as per the schedule, you will then receive an acceptance report from us. At this stage, you can shut down your system(s). Now, you will observe that all the necessary information can be reviewed within the ViewBox to be archived in the best possible way.

You would realise the freedom and relaxation as the risks involved with the legacy systems will no longer impact your company. From now on, the company will start saving money in the various departments like maintenance, electricity, personnel costs, etc.

We are always there for you with our support services. This commitment holds true even after your acceptance phase. You will be fully supported by us, for example, we will extend our support when an audit is announced, or if further training is required, or may be a follow-up due to a change of an employee or a group of employees.

ViewBox software - a global archive for all kinds of old applications

ViewBox by AvenDATA -
So that all the data is where it belongs.

With the ViewBox softwareby AvenDATA you can provide a global archive for your old SAP system. The process can be well-achieved in both the cases, viz. an on-premises storage in your office or as a secured cloud hosting solution. The solution by AvenDATA is ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO 50001 certified.

Enable Efficient and Secure Access to the Relevant Data Post-takeover of the Company

In case of a takeover, generally one part of the ERP system is transferred into the new common ERP system of the leading company. For example, the data in question refers to the data for the last two years or the open processes data. Additionally, the company must check the storage periods. For instance, in Germany the storage period for the tax-relevant data is 10 years. Further, depending on the requirements of the branch, the storage periods can be much longer (say for the tracing of charges).

The major concern is the use of the remaining data. In most cases, this data should not be taken into the new ERP system. For example, what if the data still includes personal information about the employees. These employees are no longer employed by the new company due to the takeover. Now, what to do with this data that is legally relevant but technically not useful for the company?

efficient and secure access to all relevant data

Advantages of ViewBox


Each of our archiving projects is fixed price based, allowing you perform the necessary planning and budgeting. The fixed price includes migration and ongoing costs.

Merge & Acquisitions

The ViewBox can be used not only for decommissioning systems, but also for carve-outs required due to company acquisitions.


By decommissioning legacy systems, internal resources are freed, which means they can be used for productive systems or other projects. As a result, your internal resources are no longer burdened.

Switch off legacy system

The main goal of archiving is to be able to subsequently decommission the legacy system. After a project with us, this refers to the application both on the old server and the old database.


You will receive project documentation for every archiving project, which serves as an essential evidence for the internal audit and the auditors. It takes into account evidence for data integrity, data completeness and audit security.

Multi-client capability

The archiving software is multi-client and can therefore be used for different clients and systems from a wide range of manufacturers. You are able to build an archive for all your legacy systems.

archiving and removal of legacy systems

AvenDATA: Achieving Efficiency through Extensive Experience

AvenDATA founded in 2003 as a spin-off of the renowned auditing and tax consulting company Mazars GmbH & Co. KG ( has become one of the leading providers in the field of legacy system archiving and legacy system decommissioning.

The AvenDATA Group operates worldwide with headquarters in Berlin with offices in Budapest, Mumbai and New York. AvenDATA has more than 600 archiving projects with more than 250 applications from different vendors. The company has an extensive global experience of more than 18 years. It has a team of 180+ experts who are the main driving force behind the success of archiving solutions for the global clients.

AvenDATA provides specialized services like IT application decommissioning, carve-out, system decommissioning, SAP HANA, liquidation/insolvency, and mergers and acquisitions to name a few. The clients eagerly look forward to the upcoming solutions for archiving the legacy systems with AvenDATA.


Legacy System Definition

What is legacy systems?

A legacy system means an outdated computer software/application, equipment/hardware, or technology still used in daily operations. The system still fulfils the requirements for which it...

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General Data Protection
Regulation (GDPR)

We have considered everything -
even the 'Right to be Forgotten' .

ViewBox is compliant with the new European Union – General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR). GDPR directs as to how the personal data must be collected, processed, and erased.

The General Data Protection Regulation act (GDPR) of the European Union (EU) is also valid in Germany from 25th May 2018. The essential updates include the ‘right to be forgotten’. Accordingly, under certain situations, the right to have private information about a person be removed from the Internet searches and other directories.

ViewBox is in accordance with the EU-GDPR guidelines wherein such data can be made anonymous. The companies will also get an additional expanded accountability for handling such data. Moreover, in case of a risk-afflicted data processing, a ‘data protection-impact assessment’ must be carried out based on a certain criterion. ViewBox by AvenDATA prepares you for all such types of new and legal fundamental requirement(s) with a complete know-how of the legal compliance.