The “5-fold” advantage of using AvenDATA’s archiving solution


Advantage of using AvenDATA’s archiving legacy systems solution

Every organization strives to update and grow by revising or modifying the business processes. However, there are certain systems that obstruct the potential of the organization to adapt to the latest technology, fostering avoidable losses. These are the legacy systems that may be outdated but are vital to the daily operations of the organization.

The process of replacing the older setups with the latest ones, supporting advanced technology, is quite a task. Further, this task becomes a challenge when these over-burdened systems show an inability to integrate with advanced technological changes. Organizations suffer from these older systems due to high maintenance costs, formation of data silos, compliance issues, mobile incompatibility, data integration problems, security risks, inefficient and unstable systems, poor customer experience, and eventually decreased business value.
Organizations need to accept and identify these pitfalls to overcome the challenges, thereby navigating towards digital transformation. It is extremely vital to understand that the older solutions were running on much older versions of the legacy hardware. Further, it is highly impractical to run these systems on newer hardware, as maintaining such setups is an expensive proposition.
Apart from the high expense incurred, organizations often suffer due to the absence of adequate documentation of the system architecture. This leads to the placement of many patches, which hampers system integration. The lack of proper system integration may lead to vulnerabilities and pose a great risk of being compromised by hackers. Moreover, multi-integration requirements result in insufficient point-to-point integration. In such scenarios, business process continuity fails.
There is also a large knowledge gap, eventually leading to a lack of technical know-how among the engineering teams. Mostly, the teams that had successfully worked on the code earlier do not exist anymore, and the new members are unaware of the older code. Thus, reworking to design a new code proves to be a time-consuming task. With this slow pace, the speed to innovate merely becomes a dream, halting the overall growth.

How can these organizations archive their legacy systems while ensuring compatibility with the older setups and existing formats?

At AvenDATA, we not only accept this challenge but also deliver the best archiving solutions. We have designed and successfully implemented an ultimate solution, viz., ViewBox. It has not only proven itself in the market but is also one of the best solutions for application decommissioning.

ViewBox has unique features, like its dashboard feature, which provides an overview of all the customized views, tables, and documents. It enables easy reproduction of the original reports along with the provision of making linked documents like invoices. It further facilitates data extraction in GoBD, CSV, and DART(Data Retention Tool) formats. Moreover, the user management feature is an effective enabler in limiting information access. The logging module permits the possibility of an audit trail on an ad hoc basis. As a critical aspect, the data encryption feature provides a high-level encryption service.

ViewBox can be well-described by its 5-fold advantages.

  • Economically Feasible
  • Faster Implementation
  • Exponential Growth
  • Satisfied Customers
  • Potentially sound

The solution is economically workable and is undoubtedly effective as a customized archiving solution. The implementation process is also easier with experts making the best strategy and unsullied design with faster execution. The solution further updates and ensures that the business always evolves and expands by keeping abreast with the latest technology. The customers also comment, and the reviews clearly describe a better understanding of the customers’ concerns along with improved customer service. These reviews also highlight a sense of credibility and the expertise to help the business grow exponentially. Moreover, outdated setups pose a hurdle to accessing the information. But with the help of the optimized solution, organizations can potentially vouch for greater and bigger opportunities.