AvenDATA’s unbeatable approach to archiving legacy systems

By Avendata | Aug 31, 2022

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Legacy systems are often essential within companies, and that is indeed one of the main reasons for the wide use of such systems. Eventually, companies suffer from inefficiencies as the technologies that were popular a few decades ago are still being used today. But it is high time to identify these systems and evaluate their worth in terms of cost and technology.

The main reasons why companies do not migrate to the latest technological advancements are: lack of acumen to invest in a new system; unacceptance of the system change; lack of expertise in migrating to the cloud; apprehension of a drastic ripple effect; and a longer execution time. Apart from these reasons, other factors include migration test failure, the risk of not being able to duplicate the existing unique set of business processes, and a lack of willingness to adapt to the new system.

Although the older approach fulfils the requirements as per the earlier design and specifications, it lacks an important aspect, i.e., growth with the latest technology. Thus, companies are overburdened due to their inability to integrate with advanced technology.

The problems faced by companies are high maintenance costs, the formation of data silos, noncompliance issues, mobile incompatibility, lack of data integration, and security risks. Other growth obstructions include out-dated technology with high development costs, inefficient and unstable functionalities, poor customer experience, and decreased business value.

Suppose a company is thoughtful about upgrading the processes to use cloud computing and about the latest integration technologies. Due to the existing outdated system, it will never be able to transform itself into a highly effective and advanced system.

AvenDATA, with immense experience of archiving legacy systems for international companies, has been able to successfully perform this transformation.

We understand that such set-ups are critical to day-to-day operations, and their migration or replacement must be assessed and planned carefully to minimize the potential risks.

Our expertise ranges from archiving structured data (ERP or CRM systems) to unstructured data (document management systems). We have successfully managed hundreds of such applications. We understand that the processes implemented decades ago tend to slow down the existing pace. Moreover, the business as well as customer requirements are also changing rapidly, and it is becoming difficult to manage the business-critical processes with non-standardized interfaces.

The process of replacing or making these systems adaptable to the current scenario is a challenging task for any organization. We not only accept this challenge but also deliver the best archiving solutions.

ViewBox software is designed with effective, organized, and thoughtful planning to enable world-class customized solutions. The solution is based on the exposure of various projects and several years of expertise in shutting down such systems.

Our software is the result of sincere efforts and extensive market analysis. The main aim is to not only make the solution user-friendly but also render it effective and efficient, as per the ever-changing requirements.

Our talented team includes experts in the frontend-backend, SQL, and full stack development domains. The team not only provides the best archiving features but also strives to update the software by enhancing these features. The experts work non-stop to improve and excel in the application decommissioning domain.

It is this sincere team effort that enables effective manageability and customized search within the legacy data, legacy tables, and legacy documents. The software is also updated regularly to be in sync with the latest technology.

ViewBox is a high-level security solution as we acknowledge the fact that the information can be extremely sensitive. Our solution has around a hundred security-based features, such as two-phase authentication, security queries, and SSO to safeguard the information.

Our solution works efficiently in terms of customized views, tables, and documents. It also facilitates reproducing the original reports along with making the linked documents, such as invoices, easily accessible.

The feature set is effective in providing data extracts in GoBD, CSV, and DART format. The data encryption feature also provides a high-level encryption service. ViewBox can effectively encrypt all the tables in the rarest situation of a worldwide hacker attack.

Apart from these features, the user management feature helps to limit user data access, and the logging module enables the possibility of an audit trail on an ad hoc basis. ViewBox is certified as per the IDW PS880 certification. Moreover, recertification also happens on a regular basis.

This year, ViewBox witnessed various new archiving features. The team also plans to install approximately 1,000 new extensions and functions. 

Undoubtedly, this will enable ViewBox to be an unbeatable archiving software solution for legacy systems.

FAQ about AvenDATA's ViewBox Application:

ViewBox is an application that helps manage and secure critical data that is not frequently used. It plays a vital role in designing, auditing, and storing data securely.

ViewBox efficiently manages archiving of structured and unstructured data, ensuring smooth business processes and customer requirements.

ViewBox offers world-class customized solutions, extensive security features, and efficient data management, making it the ideal choice for legacy archiving.