Carving successful solutions with AvenDATA Carve outs


Carving successful solutions with AvenDATA carve-outs
Over the past few years, there has been an increased concern among the companies in carving out the non-core business units from the parent companies. The parent company might be curious in investing in the core capabilities to enhance the competitive space, reducing the debt, and/or improving the earnings. Although the carve-out process may seem to be a simpler proposition, but it is associated with a considerable amount of risk and complexity.
The success of a carve-out largely depends on the choice of the solution provider. The solution provider must have an in-depth knowledge, expertise, and a successful track record for the required execution.
At AvenDATA, we completely understand the carve-out of company codes and our experts are highly skilled to provide timely support in the areas of designing, planning, and implementing the carve-outs.
We acknowledge the fact that the carve-out is like a complete archiving process involving both the procedural and technical aspects. Our customers are fully confident with our solution, showcasing our customer-centric approach.
We strongly believe that the carve-outs from existing systems such as SAP, Oracle, and Navision require a deep and thorough understanding of database structures and database models. We possess all these abilities and offer a comprehensive understanding in the separation of ERP systems.
For efficiency, we have the expertise to separate the clients and accounting areas within the ViewBox. With this approach, the legal conflicts concerning the provision of the data prior to sales can be avoided. The ViewBox provides optimized resolution in the form of an on-premises supply or as a secured cloud hosting solution.
Our team achieves a set of preliminary and continuous measures that aims to separate the elements effectively and efficiently. The necessity may arise due to company sales or company acquisitions and/or due to company restructuring. For example, S/4 HANA implementations. The implementation offers a personalized and customer-centric user experience. Moreover, we always follow strict timelines as the system access cannot be granted for an unlimited period due to contractual regulations.
As stated, the main complexity arises when the decision is made to acquire or sell a company. It is at this stage that it is vital to transfer the data out of the existing IT systems and back into the new IT systems. There are many factors that often pose a challenge for the team. Our team takes these challenges head-on.
The factor like asset(s) involved often get neglected. This may be due to lack of maintenance, management and/or staffing. At times, it is difficult to understand and forecast the cost factors too. Further, the creation of financial statements and operating metrics poses yet another challenge. Moreover, there are additional tasks like understanding the valuation, handling the legalities, and managing the tax and financial advisory issues.
A common challenge appears with the transfer of employees knowing the system. They might also feel rejected because of being a part of the non-core system. All these challenges require a solution with high level of professional and technical understanding. AvenDATA’s effective archiving solution clearly highlights the immense specialization in this business area.
There might be several factors like asset(s) management, process cost, valuation, legal, tax, financial advisory issues, etc., that may result in a complex and risky operation. But, at AvenDATA, you can be rest assured for an effective and successful solution. We understand that when business segments are sold within a group, a special challenge is posed within the IT systems.
We follow a structured approach for effective planning and realization of a carve-out. Our team clearly knows that systems and data streams must be analyzed before data separation. To ensure a successful analysis, we develop a concept to differentiate the IT resources between the infrastructure and applications. Our detailed checklists can further identify the dependencies between the IT tasks and the overall requirement. We ensure a detailed analysis as to how the data is linked and can be extracted in an easier and faster way.
AvenDATA believes in careful and thoughtful project planning to achieve the expected results. The experts at AvenDATA not only understand the process but also follow the best practices. The expert team has a deep understanding of databases and their structures. The team also builds a detailed and thorough strategy, carefully considers the deployment options, and meticulously follows the procedures. We have an immense exposure and experience in handling data migration, managing security vulnerabilities, and performing data integration.
Thus, AvenDATA functions diligently in various aspects of a successful carve-out. The team is committed to practice effective communication, active participation with involvement of the IT team, propose and follow appropriate methods ensuring a balanced dissemination of the required knowledge.
FAQs on Carve-Out Solutions and AvenDATA's Expertise

Companies may carve out non-core business units to invest in core capabilities, reduce debt, and improve earnings, leading to increased concern about the process’s risk and complexity.

The success of a carve-out depends on the solution provider’s knowledge, expertise, and track record in executing such projects effectively.

AvenDATA has a comprehensive understanding of database structures and models, offering efficient separation of clients and accounting areas within the ViewBox solution.

AvenDATA tackles challenges like handling assets, creating financial statements, addressing valuation, legalities, tax, and financial advisory issues during a carve-out.

AvenDATA follows a structured approach involving detailed analysis, concept development, infrastructure differentiation, and identification of dependencies between IT tasks and requirements. Thorough strategies, best practices, and expert handling of data migration and security vulnerabilities ensure successful carve-outs.