Overcome archiving challenges with AvenDATA


In today’s scenario, there is a large amount of information floating around the digital landscape. Due to this ocean of information, organizations are experiencing a data explosion problem. Furthermore, there is always an urgent need for different formats to use, present, and work on this diverse, enormous, and unstructured content. The problem multiplies when these formats keep on upgrading due to the fast development of technologies. Moreover, the research shows that more than 90% of businesses experience the need to manage unstructured formats as a major hurdle to their overall growth.

Identified Challenges

Organizations are always looking towards improvement strategies for effective management. To further their search, companies need to have an archiving solution for managing their legacy setups. But there are challenges associated with it. Some of them are:

Archiving with AvenDATA

We are a well-recognized, most-trusted, and reliable organization with the best archiving solution. We have successfully managed numerous digital archives for various clients, including pharmaceutical companies, financial institutions, and the automotive industry.

With our extensive experience, we have worked with sensitive, private, and confidential information. We truly understand the importance of a secure and protective archiving mechanism and have achieved the target without any risk to the original format.
We understand the importance of removing unnecessary burdens from the system. We can assist and help you to create a strategy encompassing the required backup with suitable protection. Our solution, viz., ViewBox, not only streamlines your management tasks but also minimizes the associated costs. It simplifies the compliance processes, too.
ViewBox optimises valuable resources, shortens turn-around times, and navigates business growth while strictly adhering to the law. Undoubtedly, it not only transforms your existing systems into a more productive environment but also maintains system integrity.

ViewBox Advantages

ViewBox enhances productivity as organizations no longer need to exhaust resources like time and infrastructure. It enables easier-to-scale processes, promotes long-term retention and storage, and provides an overview of all the views, tables, and documents.
The solution allows you to reproduce your original reports from the legacy system, make linked documents, and provide data extracts in GoBD, CSV, and DART formats, offering the possibility of an audit trail on an ad hoc basis. It also enables you to generate DART files from the archived SAP setup by using the export center feature.
Thus, ViewBox ensures that it can accomplish the basic archiving requirements of optimized resource usage, efficient functionality, and reduced overall storage costs. Some of the other advantages are:

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