Simplifying IT Application Decommissioning

By Avendata | October 13, 2022

An IT strategy is one of the most vital components for any organization as it defines a broader and well-defined plan. This plan inculcates a streamlined process that helps to outline the usage of technology, thereby meeting business goals. It further details factors affecting the organization’s decisions regarding investment and the optimized use of technological resources. For example, outlining the important goals, interacting with the executive and operations team, defining the schedule and scope, reviewing the existing infrastructure, creating a road map for architecture and resource allocation, defining metrics, and keeping an updated IT strategy.
Another critical part of the IT strategy is Application Decommissioning.
Organizations often encounter issues with outdated legacy systems and tend to use the budget that companies could better use for more relevant tasks. Although the legacy setups need decommissioning, you cannot undermine the presence of such systems as they contain historical information that you might require for legal, compliance, and/or regulatory purposes.
Here, AvenDATA helps you to decommission these systems and reduce the IT maintenance budget to a great extent. We follow a strategic approach to systematically retire outdated and costly legacy applications. The best part is that our approach never compromises on your business and/or compliance requirements.
Our experts understand and utilize a meticulous and precise process for analyzing your application portfolio. We are thus able to explore and identify the most appropriate candidates for decommissioning. We evaluate the process based on its overall value to the business, savings, and associated costs. We also employ the latest technology to extract data from these older setups and perform effective as well as easier storage. Our team not only maintains complete security, privacy, and retention policies but also manages the compliance and regulatory constraints.
We use effective archiving to keep the content accessible as well as fully compliant. You can further perform an easy search, accurate reporting, and remarkable integration for the best business analytics.
Our central repository enables you to collate information from various sources and offers integrated queries and reports. These are easily accessible and fully convertible into different formats.
Moreover, our main concern is the amount of money spent on maintaining and running the older applications. Recent studies indicate that more than 50% of the IT application portfolios and 70% of IT maintenance budgets are associated with legacy applications. Our economic solution functions with a clear business understanding and a detailed decommissioning plan.
The main points of the plan include data preservation and technological notifications, avoiding the gaps in providing the best service. The plan also ensures that after decommissioning, the business still has access to the legacy system’s most significant data.
We also consider the legal implications of data retention from the legacy setup with equal consideration to data integrity. The data integrity aspect leads to a long-term storage and retrieval system, storing the archived version of your decommissioned application. Here, we not only provide assurance for the lifetime of the data but also the methodology to access it in the future, thereby covering the emergency and contingency aspects.
We are equally concerned and carefully monitor the annual maintenance cost by estimating the license and system maintenance cost, identifying the expensive resources, and other operating costs.
We proudly acknowledge 600+ archiving projects. We have managed 250+ applications from different vendors. Our expertise is further complemented by international experience spanning more than 18 years. Our backbone is the team of 180+ experts, who consistently perform and deliver successful archiving solutions for our global clients, excelling in the IT application decommissioning domain.
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