A complete guide to
Application Retirement

By Avendata | March 31, 2022
Application retirement process

The ever-increasing changes and growth in the field of Information technology (IT) results in the applications becoming outdated. These applications are to be replaced by the ones with higher efficiency, greater user-friendliness, and cost effectiveness.

Do you also have legacy system(s) that are not used productively anymore? Don’t you have the option to replace these system(s)? May be because you still need to retain the data. For such cases, AvenDATA provides an Application Retirement option.

What is Application retirement ?

Application Retirement is the process of shutting down the redundant or obsolete business applications. It is also known as applications decommissioning. In this case, the application will still have access to the older data, no longer required by the organization. It is important to note that application retirement does not affect a company’s primary systems, applications, and/or data. But it does affect the secondary systems and applications such as No Longer Required (NLR) software. While the business may lose the ability to perform certain tasks during this transition, it allows for the much-needed cost savings and optimized resources.

Benefits of Applications Retirement

There are many benefits of Application Retirement. One of the most beneficial aspects is that it can help reduce the overall cost of a company’s IT budget. Application decommissioning also helps to eliminate the maintenance, infrastructure, and licensing costs associated with the IT applications, not being used anymore. You can use these funds for more important aspects of the business. Another benefit of Application Retirement is that it can help organizations to be more Agile in the business practices. It not only supports structured and unstructured data but also semi-structured data. It enables you to securely shut all the legacy systems. It is done in compliance with the legal requirements to avoid any data leakages or security breaches.

Application Retirement Process

The Application Retirement process is an important part of the software life cycle. You can follow these steps to complete a successful software decommissioning process.

1) System Analysis

The initial step is the system analysis. The purpose of the system analysis is to enable an estimated period for archiving the legacy system. It also calculates the cost and facilitates faster decision and plan initiation process. The system analysis result always offers a fixed price for you to reject or accept. Generally, the system analysis takes approximately 2 hours’ time. The system analysis process is divided into two parts, viz. Technical and Business part. Both the parts are for better clarification. 

For more information on System Analysis Process specification, please click the following link


2) The Archiving Project

After the system analysis, when you decide for the project, there will be a kick off meeting in which your team will get to meet and know our experienced project manager.

3) User Acceptance Test

The last step of the Application Retirement process is an acceptance from your end. As a process, you will test the samples, check the certificate of completeness and verify the documentation. Next, we would be happy to provide you with all the samples.

Now, you have an extensive set of test data. If all the information is correct, you will receive an acceptance report from AvenDATA and you can then shut down your system. All the necessary information can be reviewed within the ViewBox and properly archived. Now, the risks associated with the legacy system are gone and it is time for you to start saving money that was earlier spent on maintenance, electricity, and personnel costs.

After the acceptance phase, AvenDATA commits for full customer support. For example, AvenDATA provides support when an audit is announced, or if any training is required, or may be there is a change of one or more employee.

The expert team at AvenDATA has more than 18 years of experience in Application Archiving and Retirement Services. The immense knowledge includes more than 250 systems (SAP, Oracle, Navision, etc). Since AvenDATA’s foundation, more than 3,100 customers worldwide have been relying on AvenDATA GmbH. You can conveniently lean back and watch AvenDATA, as a strong and trustworthy partner, archiving your legacy systems in accordance with the legal regulations.