2nd Legacy System
Archiving Breakfast

Get a one-hour update on archiving legacy IT systems. Get an impression of how large companies from different industries around the world archive their systems.

We demonstrate how other companies archive their legacy systems with us using use cases and present our software live. You will get an overview of our system experience. Invest 1 hour of your time, which is worthwhile if you are looking for solutions for your legacy systems.


Tanja König

Speaker - Tanja König

The meeting will be conducted by Tanja König, Head of Sales and authorized signatory at AvenDATA. With over 13 years of practical experience, she can report on her experiences in the corporate environment.


    Well-known and international
    companies rely on AvenDATA


    Stromnetz Berlin

    Due to a short-term shutdown of our old billing-system, we needed a reliable and convenient solution at short notice – the Avendata Viewbox made this available to us.

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    TX Group

    We have successfully archived part of our SAP systems with AvenDATA and were able to decommission them. Other legacy systems (SAP, Cognos) will follow.

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    bioscientia logo


    With AvenDATA’s ViewBox, we were able to save the costs of continuing to operate the legacy system.

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    bitmarck logo


    We successfully archived our Wilken accounting system with AvenDATA. This allowed us to decommission the system without losing access to our legacy data.

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    In an international context, an ERP system had to be replaced in several countries and archived in an audit-proof manner. Both the time and knowledge component were decisive.

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    Strabag Logo


    In the past few years, we were able to archive various legacy systems resulting from acquisitions and system consolidations together with AvenDATA, then switch them off and save on IT costs for the continued operation of legacy systems.

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    Bauer Media Group Logo

    BauerMedia Group

    With AvenDATA’s ViewBox, we were able to successfully archive an old financial accounting system and then switch off the legacy system.

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    Sonepar Logo


    Due to a system integration, we were able to successfully archive a legacy system for one of our subsidiaries with AvenDATA and then switch it off.

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    Alpiq Logo


    Alpiq has already carried out several projects for the legacy data archiving of SAP data with the help of Avendata. The motivation was different: sometimes it was a subset of an SAP system that was in a sold part of the company in their SAP system, which are now for auditing purposes with the Avendata, another time it was about a whole legacy SAP system to dissolve to drastically reduce operating costs.

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    Nord-LB Logo


    As part of a merger and a resulting IT system consolidation, we have used the archiving solution from AvenDATA to shut down a wide variety of legacy systems. These were both structured and unstructured data that could be successfully archived using the ViewBox software.

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    Atos Logo


    In order to be optimally prepared for a digital external test, Atos Origin has commissioned AvenDATA GmbH with the configuration of their SAP DART module. Atos Origin is perfectly prepared for a digital audit due to this uncomplicated and secure solution.

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    Servicepartner Logo

    Service Partner

    Together with AvenDATA we have archived our SAP system.

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    Mobene Logo


    We were able to use the archiving solution ViewBox to shut down various legacy systems – without losing access to the legacy data.

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    Perspektiv-kontor hamburg logo


    In compliance with the regulatory requirements, we were able to successfully and efficiently archive our SAP legacy data last year using the ViewBox archiving solution from AvenDATA.

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    grz Logo


    In cooperation with the AvenDATA company, we were able to successfully archive data from an SAP legacy system in a resource-saving manner.

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    ALSO Logo


    In recent years, we have repeatedly been able to archive the most diverse legacy systems using the ViewBox archiving software and then switch them off. The solution could be used for both structured and unstructured data.

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