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AvenDATA ist ein Archivierungsspezialist mit 18
Jahren Erfahrung Erfahrungen mit Stilllegungsprojekten.

Zertifiziertes Rechenzentrum als Private Cloud-Lösung

ISO Certified data center as a cloud solution

Bekannt und international
Unternehmen vertrauen auf Avendata

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With AvenDATA’s ViewBox, we were able to save the costs of continuing to operate the legacy system.

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We successfully archived our Wilken accounting system with AvenDATA. This allowed us to decommission the system without losing access to our legacy data.

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In an international context, an ERP system had to be replaced in several countries and archived in an audit-proof manner. Both the time and knowledge component were decisive.

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In the past few years, we were able to archive various legacy systems resulting from acquisitions and system consolidations together with AvenDATA, then switch them off and save on IT costs for the continued operation of legacy systems.

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BauerMedia Group

With AvenDATA’s ViewBox, we were able to successfully archive an old financial accounting system and then switch off the legacy system.

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Due to a system integration, we were able to successfully archive a legacy system for one of our subsidiaries with AvenDATA and then switch it off.

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Alpiq has already carried out several projects for the legacy data archiving of SAP data with the help of Avendata. The motivation was different: sometimes it was a subset of an SAP system that was in a sold part of the company in their SAP system, which are now for auditing purposes with the Avendata, another time it was about a whole legacy SAP system to dissolve to drastically reduce operating costs.

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As part of a merger and a resulting IT system consolidation, we have used the archiving solution from AvenDATA to shut down a wide variety of legacy systems. These were both structured and unstructured data that could be successfully archived using the ViewBox software.

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In order to be optimally prepared for a digital external test, Atos Origin has commissioned AvenDATA GmbH with the configuration of their SAP DART module. Atos Origin is perfectly prepared for a digital audit due to this uncomplicated and secure solution.

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Service Partner

Together with AvenDATA we have archived our SAP system.

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We were able to use the archiving solution ViewBox to shut down various legacy systems – without losing access to the legacy data.

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In compliance with the regulatory requirements, we were able to successfully and efficiently archive our SAP legacy data last year using the ViewBox archiving solution from AvenDATA.

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In cooperation with the AvenDATA company, we were able to successfully archive data from an SAP legacy system in a resource-saving manner.

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In recent years, we have repeatedly been able to archive the most diverse legacy systems using the ViewBox archiving software and then switch them off. The solution could be used for both structured and unstructured data.

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The archiving solution for your application retirement
ViewBox is more than just an archive for legacy systems By AvenDATA
Decomissioning legacy system

Decomissioning legacy system

ViewBox can be used to archive data after an application change.


ViewBox is used, for example, when parts of a company are sold and the data for the client still has to be archived.


S/4 Hana

When switching to HANA, not all data is usually transferred to the new system or systems are completely rebuilt. The legacy data can be archived with the ViewBox.

You will have a secure solution for all
your archiving data and files

The data is stored and archived in an ISO 27001 certified data center. The software is certified according to IDW PS880.
Data protection and compliance agreements exist. We have our own support team without third-party providers.
  ViewBOXOther solutions 
 Project realisation on the basis of a fixed price 
 Elimination of licence costs 
 Comprehensive deletion module to meet data protection
 Comprehensive export center in the archive with DART function 
 Archive solution for structured and unstructured data 
 Specialisation in legacy system archiving with 18 years of
project experience and hundreds of archived applications
 Certification of the software 
 Various used cases for the ViewBox, such as system
decomissioning, carve outs or company acquisitions


Why AvenDATA can provide you
best price for archiving

Our packages are clear and easy to understand and the costs are
transparent and predictable. No matter which package
you choose, we do not charge any hidden fees.


We have 18 years of experience in archiving legacy systems with hundreds of applications and appropriate interfaces for exports from various database formats.


We have specialized in decommissioning of legacy systems and accordingly implemented various certifications and project standards that we can use for the projects.

Development and reporting

We have a large team of developers and specialists. We have also developed hundreds of reports for various systems such as PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP, Mainframe and others. Our clients benefit from this experience.

Pricing model

In principle, our offers represent fixed prices that can be used as a binding basis for planning and decision-making after a system check. We distinguish between 3 packages. We will be happy to explain further details of our offers to you in a web meeting

Small Environment*

€ 15,000

Medium Environment*

€ 30,000

Large Environment*

€ price upon request

Why AvenDATA?

Why Application Shutdown

Possibility of shutting down
the legacy systems

Hosting and onpremise solution

Enormous cost savings for
the reduction of IT budget

Certified data center

Compliance with legal and
internal requirements

Project implementation on
a fixed price basis

Certified archiving solution

Archive provider with more than 18 years of experience in archiving over 600 applications worldwide

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    The question is not whether you archive have to archive your legacy systems , but how you archive them. ViewBox from AvenDATA is your solution. Our goal is to archive the archivicing systems of our customers which results due to application decommissioning, merge and acquisitions or carve outs in a comfortable, cost reducing and effective way.