Liquidation / Insolvency

Due to an insolvency you ask yourself how you can still keep the data from your IT legacy systems?
We know the answer to your question – use our ViewBox archive and free yourself from your legacy systems.

Insolvency is
still not the end for your data

In case of a liquidation or insolvency one does not usually think about the fact that
the data must still be available in the systems for years. Besides, they must fulfill
different requirements, as for example for the access of the finance management,
customs check or income tax checks. There are also requirements typical for different
branches, such as tracing of charges, informing suppliers, etc. These requirements are
generally worldwide and are not limited to one country.
Insolvency is still not the end for your legacy systems data
Access to all relevant data even after the liquidation

Access to all relevant
data even after the liquidation

Whether in form of an on-premise supply in your office or as a secure cloud
hosting solution – ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO 50001 certified. With the
ViewBox software by AvenDATA you can provide a global archive for all kinds
of old applications.

Enable the efficient and secure
access to all relevant data even after
the liquidation of the company

That’s the challenge: How can one guarantee the access to all
relevant data even after the end of the company? And do this without
continuing to operate the old systems and use the relevant resources?
efficient and secure access to all relevant data even after the liquidation of the company

Advantages of ViewBox


Each of our archiving projects is based on a fixed price, giving you the necessary planning and budget basis. The fixed price includes migration and ongoing costs.

Merge & Acquisitions

The ViewBox can be used not only for decommissioning systems, but also for carve outs required due to company acquisitions.

IT resource savings

By decommissioning legacy systems, internal resources are freed up that can now be used again for productive systems or other projects. These do not further burden the internal resources.

Switch off legacy system

The main goal of archiving is to be able to decommission the legacy system afterwards. After a project with us, this refers to the application as well as the old server and the old database.


Documentation For each archiving project, you will receive a procedure documentation from us, which documents the essential evidence for the internal audit and the auditors. It takes into account the evidence for data integrity, data completeness and audit security.

Multi-client capability

The archiving software is multi-client capable and can therefore be used for different clients and systems from a wide range of manufacturers. You are able to build an archive for all your legacy systems.

archiving and removal of legacy systems

Efficiency through experience

The team of specialists of AvenDATA has more than 18 years of experience in
archiving and removal of legacy systems. The know-how includes more than
250 systems – from SAP to Oracle Financial up to Navision. The AvenDATA GmbH
with head office in Berlin was founded in 2003 as a spin-off of the famous audit and
tax consulting company Mazars GmbH & Co. KG. Due to international use of the
AvenDATA even transnational requirements can be met trouble-free. More than 3,000
customers worldwide have been relying on the achievements of the AvenDATA GmbH
since its foundation.

General Data Protection
Regulation (GDPR)

We have considered everything -
also, the 'right to be forgotten'.
ViewBox is already compliant with
the new EU-GDPR.

From May 25th, 2018 the data protection act (GDPR) of the European Union (EU) is also
valid in Germany. The essential innovations include the ‘right to be forgotten’ which
implies the deletion claims of affected persons directly at the storing place. With the
ViewBox such data can be made unrecognizable in the sense of EU-GDPR. Companies
will additionally get an expanded accounting duty for the handling of data. And in case
of risk-afflicted data processing a ‘data protection-subsequent evaluation’ must be
carried out according to certain criteria. With the ViewBox by AvenDATA – unlike with
other systems – you are prepared for these new legal basic requirements very well.